vehicle campsite regulations article 5.2.451

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· Vehicle Regulations 2009/2010 ·
02/05/45 article 1.

1.Personenauto 's into use after January 25, 2010, have a left mirror, a right mirror and a mirror.

2.If the first paragraph in the interior section of road located behind the vehicle can not be adequately oversee, it need not be present.

3.Personenauto 's, in use for 26 January 2011, have a left mirror and a mirror.

4.De in the third paragraph, passenger cars have a right mirror if the mirror with the road section located behind the vehicle can not be sufficiently overlooked. If the interior rear view does not possible, then it need not be present.

5.De on the side of the driver mirror must be mounted from the inside of closed door capable of being adjusted. This requirement does not apply to passenger cars before January 1, 1975 into use. The levels of these vehicles shall, after a push to be folded flat, without adjustment to the original position can clap.

6.De levels should sound (read: reliable, robust, solid) are confirmed.

7.The mirror the mandatory levels may no signs of rupture and should not be severely weathered.
The above shows that the driver or candidate (read: student) must use the right mirror during the exam, (read: during classes for training) to thus ensure the placement of a so-called English mirror was canceled and extra-mounted design levels for the examiner to a fact (read: liability) has become.

CBR / CTE does now recommended for placement of mirrors set on both sides
(Read: left / right) of the vehicle starting July 2010 in view of the training begin with examinations in January 2011.
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