oxx mirror assembly

Article number: De opzet spiegel mag zowel in het midden van de buitenspiegel zowel verder naar de buitenzijde van de originele spiegel gemonteerd worden.
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Fitting for VW Golf 7 custom mounting bracket.

Because the inner of the original mirrors of the above type of car are quite flexible, the adjustment by Volkswagen from year 2014, you have to order especially mention the type of vehicle as this one spediale bracket is made. Regularly tighten the bolts and check just after one day.

Installation instructions of the setup Spiegel.

The set-up mirror (oxx universal) may be either in the middle of the glass of the original if both exterior mirror on to the outside or inside of the original door mirror to be mounted.

The terminals of the extra mirror (oxx universal) should be tightened evenly, using the supplied Allen key, with a torque of at least 8 Nm up to 10 Nm.

We strongly advise you here and no automatic or power tools to use.

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