Oxxcart E / B combo spoxx instruction mirror

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E behind B mirror in conjunction with the instruction Spoxx spiegel.Bij changing Cat E behind B in a jiffy to Cat. B and vice versa.

Oxxcart E behind B spiegel.Voor maximum field of vision for both drivers. Each type of vehicle both left and right. Positive inspection CBR reached with maximum vision.

4. standing next to the mirror (s) for the actual driver, have two or more mirrors, which the supervisor can see the right and left sides and behind him situated side of the road. The mirrors must comply with the stipulations in this regard in the Vehicle Regulations and must be adjusted so that the examiner the top and on the right side of the vehicle on the left side of the vehicle, the lower mirror at his disposal;

First install the main block on the original mirror and fix it properly.
Then place the bracket in the block and the mirrors on the bracket.

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